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Quantum Relocation Innovative Solutions


Quantum Relocation Services LLC is America's most innovative company, with programs that meet the needs of virtually any corporation that relocates its employees. Here is some basic information on each.

For Companies With Amended Value Sales Programs


Corporate costs for relocation are startling for a number of reasons:

  • Home purchase costs are variable and very expensive.
  • As to other costs, transferees will spend everything that they can within corporate policies. There is no incentive for them to be thrifty. Estimates are that employees could save 20 to 40 percent of what they spend today if properly incented.

Solution: Fixed Fee and MultiChoice

  • MultiChoice deals with each of these cost killing dilemmas.
  • Home purchase is a fixed fee, lower than what is being spent today and which eliminates variability. This can be done as Quantum Relocation Services LLC is an expert at selling homes and because the program is structured in similar fashion as managed health care,with common sense requirements of transferees. If desired, the company can turn this fixed fee into our MultiChoice program in which all other costs are turned into a lump sum where the transferee can keep any amount left over. The lump sum is computed from the averages over the past year. It can be broken up by employee pay level and cost index of the area being moved to. Commonly the average amounts are reduced by 10 to 20 percent from past levels as, again, transferees will spend their money more wisely than yours.

There are commonly three choices for transferees.   For transferees choosing the shortest marketing periods, the lump sum is less and for longer or B V O marketing periods it is greater. The greater lump sums have a corresponding lower fixed fee cost.

A program may look like this:


Marketing Period   Lump Sum
90 days   $25,000
150 days   $33,000
BVO   $45,000


In this fashion the employee has a choice and saves the corporation a fixed amount from present costs. As the length of the marketing period goes down, so does the fixed fee. Most transferees choose the longer marketing periods in order to be able to keep the largest amount of the lump sum. This saves the company the greatest amount of cost.

This "managed lump sum" is given out to transferees as needed, the cost is recorded into the appropriate category and MSI constantly reviews what is left over for employees to assure the remainders are neither too great nor too little per category of employee.

Quantum and the corporate client will continually meet to review changes necessary.

For Companies With BVO Programs


Fall-throughs can cause real estate risk and costs

Solution: Fixed Fee BVO

Any home that falls through will be obtained by Quantum at no cost to the company. The Company is charged a low fixed fee for the entire BVO and fall through program.


Under BVO programs, there can be lengthy marketing periods which put financial and personal pressures on the employee, sapping both money and productivity.

Solution: Guaranteed Sales Time Program

If the average time from list to contract exceeds a certain preset number of days then Quantum pays a penalty to the Company on all homes that sold over that period of time. If the average is less than another preset number of days then the Company pays Quantum a bonus on those homes that sold under that number of days.

For Companies With Lump Sum or Direct Reimbursement Programs


These programs are tax inefficient; either costing the company a gross up and withholding or the employee a large tax payment.

Solution: Fixed Fee BVO

Tax efficient option for employees who choose to list with a real estate broker, eliminating tax inefficiencies without real estate risk for the Company

For Any Company That Reimburses Expenses Outside of Home Sale


Employees spend every dollar available to them and then ask for further exceptions.

Solution: Managed Lump Sum

Reduces overall spend by 10 to 20 percent and insures that correct amount is being paid as a lump sum. Further, it increases employee satisfaction.

For Any Company That Assists Employee With Home Finding


Employees buy in areas that are not appreciating or are depreciating more than others. Employees further pay more than they should for properties.

Solution: Home Purchase Valuation program

Gives employees data on multiple area appreciation or depreciation. It, further, gives employees a valuation of their desired home before they make an offer on it.


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