Quantum Relocation Service is your corporate and employee relocation services company.
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Advanced Technology Brings It All Together
for Your HR Department

Throughout the relocation process, your HR department has a secure login that provides access to the status of relocation activities and expenses.

Personalized Service, Expense Tracking & Benefits Administration

A dedicated contact team and an advanced online relocation tracking system saves your HR Department time and frustration.

  • Quantum coordinates and monitors all aspects of the relocation process
  • Total administration of benefits including outsourced material is available
  • Employee tax reporting
  • The ReloCoordinator online relocation tracking system shows your HR administrators the current status of activities and expenses.
  • Employees have their own secure login and view of the process.

Relocation Consulting Services, Invoice Auditing, Van Line Evaluations

Every relocation program offers unique challenges. Our experienced consultants and vast network of partners are ready to help you solve them.

  • We evaluate your needs and develop the best relocation policies and procedures for your company
  • Our database consists of nationwide corporate policies
  • Spousal assistance program
  • An independent thrid party audit creates fiscal accountability
  • An auditor assures the accuracy of transportation invoices
  • Auditing eliminates “hidden” costs in Human Resources and Accounting departments

Lump Sum Program

The Employee Relocation Lump Sum Program controls high costs of relocation for your company and improves the relocation process for your transferring employees.

  • It creates fiscal responsibility for relocation expenditures
  • It can reduce relocation costs by as much as 50%
  • The program eliminates numerous expense reports
  • It avoids the issuance of multiple checks and approvals
  • The program customizes corporate relocation budgets
  • A Lump Sum Program assures equitable employee reimbursement
  • It creates cost efficiency estimates based on destination cities

Employee Travel, International Relocation

Whether coast-to-coast or international, let Quantum handle your employees' travel arrangements.

  • Relocation arrangements, including air and ground travel, plus lodging
  • Corporate travel arrangements for sales meetings, conventions and conferences
  • Cross-culture training and orientation
  • Tax and insurance services
  • Move management
  • Expatriate tax services
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