Quantum Relocation Service is your corporate and employee relocation services company.
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Real Estate Services

Selling and buying a home are stressful activities in the best of circumstances. When you're moving to a new city, you also have to deal with people and areas you're not familiar with. With Quantum's departure and destination services, your move across the country or across the world can be as trouble-free as moving across the street.

Home Marketing and Finding Assistance, Temporary Housing

Quantum helps your employee both sell their old home and find a home in the new location. If needed, temporary assistance is provided to lessen down time and keep your employees on the job and productive.

  • Aggressive home marketing assistance reduces the need for home buyout
  • Real estate brokers are carefully selected from a national network and must meet
    Quantum’s strict quality requirements.
  • Pre-qualification and mortgage counseling is provided
  • Comprehensive destination city orientation is included
  • Fully furnished corporate housing is available nationally if temporary housing is required
  • Leases, deposits and similar agreements are made by Quantum
  • Access to domestic and international telecommunication services at discount rates
  • Guarantee sales times of homes
  • Create a more tax efficient move with no real estate risk
  • Homefinding program that protects against poor buying decisions and employee overpayment

Assigned Sale, Amended Sale, Home Buyout

A third party can speed up the move process by providing sales and buyout services.

  • A third party assumes and expedites the closing process. The employer compensates the third party witha flat fee per transaction.
  • There are tax advantages for both the employee and the corporation
  • A flat fee per transaction means no hidden costs
  • If needed, home buyout guarantees a specified return for the employee and relieves the burden of selling your home within a predetermined time period
  • Programs that can fix the sale times of homes, or create a fixed cost of the entire relocation spend at up to 30% less than today with greater employee satisfaction

Quantum Assigned Sale, Amended Sale and Home Buyout Services: Click here for more information.


Mortgage Assistance and Closing Service

By using Quantum's mortgage services, you can be assured that all fees and expenses are audited for accuracy.

  • Competitive interest rates are assured through on-line access of a
    national mortgage database
  • The employee is expediently pre-qualified and pre-approved
  • Access to transferee’s loan status given upon request
  • All mortgage fees and ancillary expenses are audited
  • Employee and spouse do not have to attend closing
  • All closing costs are audited for accuracy

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